Luciano Melchionna
Luciano Melchionna


Luciano Melchionna graduated from Rome’s “Silvio D’Amico” National Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1989. As an actor, Melchionna worked among others with Lorenzo Salveti, Angelo Corti, Roberto Guicciardini and Luca Ronconi.

His first comedy, "Rimozione Forzata" was nominated for an IDI Award in 1996 and was staged as a reading by Lorenzo Salveti at the Trieste Festival. He wrote and directed “Non Camminare Scalza” and “Gas”. The first won the Public Award for best screenplay at the “Theatrical Shorts ‘97” at Rome’s Teatro Vittoria. Gas won at the same festival a year later in 1998. It won the Public’s Award for Best Director and the Premio Riviera d’Ulisse “Young Players Award”, along with the Festival del Teatro Italiano and with the Premio Fondi La Pastora, in which Melchionna’s comedy entitled “Lune a Metà” was a finalist in 1999. In 2000, with “Pausa”, Melchionna wins again the “Young Players Award". His monologue “Raccontoduepunti” was made into a video and recited by Monica Stambrini. He wrote and directed “Nella”, a monologue interpreted by Carolina Crescentini; and he is the author of “L’ennesima Giovanna”, a monologue directed by Vanessa Gasbarri for “Mai più violenza sulle donne” (No more violence against women) an Amnesty International campaign.

In theatre, Melchionna has directed classic and contemporary, national and international productions of authors and playwrights, such as

- Luca De Bei’s “Caldo Come il Ghiaccio” and “Ce n’è per tutti”;
- Botho Strauss’ “The Equilibrium”;
- Lewis Theobald’s “Double Falsehood”;
- Sabrina Scuccimarra’s “Sottovuoto”;
- Alberto Moravia’s “La vita è un gioco”;
- “Beyond a reasonable doubt” from Sidney Lumet’s “12 Angry Men”, funded by the "Nessuno Tocchi Caino" Organization and Amnesty International;
- Alexandra La Capria’s “Senza Testa”;
- “Extermination” by Werner Schwab;
- “Being at Home with Claude” by Renè Daniel Dubois;
- Jon Fosse’s “Death Variations” (National debut);
-“La Disfatta” and “Cielo Tagliato”, by Gianni Guardagli, for Taormina Arts- Annie Proulx’s “Brokeback Mountain” with Giorgio Colangeli for the Garofano Verde;
- “Porno-Teo-Kolossal” by P.P.Pasolini, a reading-play for the Pasoliniano Festival and for the Popoli Mediterranei Festival;
- “Elettra” by Fabrizio Bajec, from Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Hofmannsthal;
- “Aiuto” for the Tramedautore 2005 festival in Milan, and “Ouverture”, funded by Amnesty International, both by Fabrizio Bajec;
- “Cerco Donna” by Alexandra La Capria;
- “La Stanza delle Donne” by Gabriella Schina with Lucrezia Lante della Rovere and Valentina Lodovini for “Artisti Riuniti” at the Eliseo Theatre in Rome;
- “Persone naturali e strafottenti” by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi with Vladimir Luxuria, Daniele Russo and Maria Luisa Santella, a co-pruduction of Bellini Theatre of Neaples and Franco Parenti Theatre of Milan.

He directed the play “Muraglie” of Nello Calabrò for Taormina Festival 2010.

Melchionna’s "Autonomous Dignities of Prostitution" (“Dignità Autonome di Prostituzione”), from a Cianchini/Melchionna format, is a publicly and critically acclaimed production. It won the Golden Graal 2008 – Special Award for Idea and Directing, and the Golden Graal 2008 – Best New Actress. It was nominated in the category “Innovative Plays” at the 2009 ETI Olimpics Award held at the Teatro Stabile del Veneto. The show was selected for the

31st edition of Benevento Città Spettacolo Festival; for the 1st edition of the

FITT Tarragona, the Theatrical International Festival in Spain; for the 32nd edition of the Festival La Versiliana, in Italy.

His first film, “Gas”, was presented at the Locarno Film Festival in 2005 in the “Contemporary Cineast” section. At the First Edition of Rome’s International Film Festival Melchionna was selected to be one of the “12 European Talents” for the New Focus Europe. Luciano Melchionna won the Fund SIAE for “New Italian Cinema”, and Loretta Goggi, supporting actress, was nominated for a “Nastro Argento” in 2006. The movie was presented at N.I.C.E. USA 2005 and Russia 2006. It won unanimously as Best Film at the “Life is Cinema” festival in Mons, Belgium. It received the student jury’s Award at the “Storie di Cinema” festival in Grosseto. Another jury made of

100 students awarded Gas Best Director Best Actor at the 16th Annual Chieti International Film Festival.

Melchionna collaborated on “The Good Pope” a film by Ricky Tognazzi, as Director’s Assistant. He was also Creative Director of “Lo Sbarco dei Corti” at Positano’s Festival of Cinematic Shorts.
In 2006 he's the author of one of the episodes “Niente Storie” a movie done by the Italian Casting Union.

In 2007, Melchionna wrote and directed “Anni:30”, a short film with Giorgio Colangeli (Best Actor at Rome’s First International Film Festival): the short film, submitted for a David di Donatello, was awarded with the Best Short and the Best Photography prizes at the 11th International Short Films Festival in Sabina - Artistic Director, Prof. Ferruccio Marotti.

In 2008 Melchionna directed Silvia Mezzanotte’s “Non c’è contatto” video featuring Carolina Crescentini and Autonomous Dignities.
Also in 2008, Melchionna wrote and directed the “Il teatro torna a casa” advertisement with Franca Valeri for the Cultural Heritage Ministry - Live Productions Department.

His second film, “Ce n’è per tutti” (“We all get our share”), was produced by Anna and Sauro Falchi, and distributed by Medusa and stars Lorenzo Balducci, Stefania Sandrelli, Arnoldo Foà, Ambra Angiolini, Giorgio Colangeli, Jordi Molla, and Micaela Ramazzotti. The movie was selected for the Los Angeles Italian Film Festival and it was recognized for its cultural interest by the Cultural Heritage Ministry - Cinema General Department.

Actually Melchionna is the artistic director of the Academy of Dramatic Arts of the Bellini Theatre in Naples.

Currently on stage is the monologue "The Year of Magical Thinking" by Joan

Didion who plays Stefania Rocca and of which he directed.



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