The Format
The Format

of Betta Cianchini
and Luciano Melchionna

Instructions for use
The spectators/clients enter in a space which is a proper theatre or an alternative structure: train, boat, cinema, hotel, casinò, school, country house, etc. etc..., that has been set up as an old-time brothel. The actors/ prostitutes wellcome the audience in nightdresses ready to play their roles. They seduce clients and at the same time the audience decides which actor/ prostitute they want to see.

The artists are allowed to fight between themselves to contend the richest client!
To consume the performances the client needs to pay with a local money that is given at the entrance together with the ticket.

The actors could even choose not to sell “themselves”. The arrangements are entirely up to the parties. The client might choose to leave a tip afterwards. The performances are monologues that last 10/15 minutes. They happen in all kind of places: car, camper van, toilets, offices, dressing room, etc. etc...

The performances are played simoultaneously. It is like a non-stopping machine. In fact actors can play their monologue up to 10 times per night.
The aim of Cianchini and Melchionna's project is to turn the show into an academy or a permanent “closed house” for actors and artists. The format includes not only actors but also dancers, musicians, circus artists, singers and cabaret artists.

Betta Cianchini e Luciano Melchionna

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