Brothel of Art


Autonomous Dignities of Prostitution (Dignità Autonome di Prostituzione) is the Brothel of Art.
Actors are portrayed as prostitutes, protected at the mercy of the spectator. Actors can be chosen, examined, and exchanged for their Art or for their Heart. Dressed in their robes or dressing gowns, they hook clients or they allow clients to pick them up while a “strange family” who runs the “bordello” has the arduous task of negotiating the prices of each performance. After the negotiation has been completed, the clients, one or two or even a small group, go with the prostitute to a place where the theatrical performance take place. The performance is a monologue, a dance or an installation that lasts 10/15 minutes. The performances are often revisitations of thetrical classics and contemporary plays, mostly written by Melchionna himself.

“Every performance should stir emotions, making the audience reflect and enjoy at the same time. The aim is to shock the spectator with something new, with a theatrical piece that is not a self-celebration but a piece full of magic and dreams”.
This is a new approach to the theatre, a new way of giving "Dignity" to the work of actors and at the same time a fun and provocative way to get people closer to the oldest job in the world...

You pay me before and after if you really liked it.


Direction: Luciano Melchionna

Lights: Camilla Piccioni  Salvatore Palladino  Gianni Caccia

Audio: Luigi Di Martino 

Clothes: Michela Marino

Assistant director:  Andrea Caiazzo / Sara Esposito / Maria Cristina Spano

Organization: Antonio Cappelli

Directors: Roberta Caldironi

Web-Promozione: Diego Serra

Management: Twelve Entertainment Agency



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