Brothel of Art

Autonomous Dignities of Prostitution (Dignità Autonome di Prostituzione) is the Brothel of Art.
Actors are portrayed as prostitutes, protected at the mercy of the spectator. Actors can be chosen, examined, and exchanged for their Art or for their Heart. Dressed in their robes or dressing gowns, they hook clients or they allow clients to pick them up while a “strange family” who runs the “bordello”...

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Luciano Melchionna

Luciano Melchionna graduated from Rome’s “Silvio D’Amico”...


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Instructions for use
The spectators/clients enter in a space which is a proper theatre or an alternative structure: train, boat, cinema, hotel, casinò, school, country house, etc. etc..., that has been set up as an old-time brothel. The...


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BLOG dal Bordello. In evidenza: Angelo Tantillo, L’onanista

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